One of Christopher’s greatest joys is teaching guitar and helping others develop their passion for music. Music first and foremost should be a way to convey thoughts and feelings to others as well as being fun. With twelve years of experience, he enjoys discovering the unique ways his students learn so that he can help them bridge the gap to guitar proficiency.

Christopher currently teaches in San Jose at his private studio. Christopher collaborates with his clients over e-mail, phone, Skype or in-person consultations. Please contact Christopher if you are interested in taking guitar lessons or go to the booking page to book a lesson today.




Fantastic instructor!! Christopher is a classically trained guitarist able to teach a variety of styles from classical, flamenco, latin etc.. He creates a practical plan towards reaching musical goals and is really invested in the progress of his students. Well rounded musician, from Guitar Technique, Sight Reading, Theory etc.. He was able to cater guitar instructions towards my goals with clear practical steps in attaining them. If you are in the San Jose/Bay Area and are serious about learning guitar please check him out. -Xavier M.


Chris is an awesome musician and instructor. He is my musicianship coach and has helped me progress by using great analogies and comparing music to stories. He is also the professor in a music performance class I am in at West Valley College. He gives critique and feedback for each student, and so far, everyone has improved. The class ranges from newer to seasoned musicians, and Chris knows how to motivate and instruct all skill levels to get better. He is a fantastic guitarist and extremely noticed to get better and broaden his skills to various genres. I have seen him working with various skill level guitarists and he really knows how to articulate his points clearly to the student without struggling to piece words or information together. He also knows how to break up areas improvement so that practicing isn’t stressful or overloading, but so that progress is constant and quick. He is also pleasant to be around and has impressive patience. All in all a great character, musician, guitarist, and instructor. Five stars, Ten out of Ten, Favorite Professor. -Dante D.


Being able to play guitar is my longtime dream. Been trying to look for a teacher about 3 months; tried out a few teachers but they didn’t really quite meet my needs and expectations. Finally, I found Chris and is very happy and satisfied. He is very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. He takes his time with his students and he tailors his teaching based on their needs and personality. Another particular thing I like about Chris is that helping his students build a good foundation, proper guitar skills is one of his strong suits. He is not only a good teacher he is also a great guitarist.
Learning with him has been quite a blessing, cause like Christ said music brings out the characters in us. I was trying so hard to play with my “brain” because deep inside I am a perfectionist. But Christ had taught to me play more with my heart and listen with my ear.
With all those said. If you want to find a great guitar teacher, Chris is the one! -Jj T.