One of my greatest joys is teaching guitar and helping others develop their passion for music. With twelve years of experience, I enjoy discovering the unique ways my students learn so that he can help them bridge the gap to guitar proficiency.

I currently teach in west San Jose at my private studio and also work as a music professor at West Valley College. I collaborate with clients over either in person or Zoom.

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The most important thing to think about before taking music lessons is what are your goals. Are you looking to learn a certain style of music or get better in a certain area of music? Let’s work together to figure out what is your musical dream. Here are some area that I can help you grow in:


Fingerstyle Guitar

Classical Guitar

Music Theory

Arranging Music for Guitar

Improvisation Concepts

Musicianship Skills


College Music Prep


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It is my position to be the best possible guide on your musical journey. If you have a question I have an answer. No question is too small. Send me a message and let’s figure out what you need.

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