Playing you Life's Soundtrack

Every wedding is a celebration of the union of two individuals. Every couple is different and every wedding if a collection of those differences coming together to become one.

That is where I come in to highlight what makes you two special, with music custom tailored to your wedding. I have curated and arranged music to go perfectly with the atmosphere and individuality of your wedding. When I am at your wedding I am not just playing at your wedding, I am celebrating with you.


Chris Nicklin

Let's make your weddings


Cocktail hour



Start off your wedding with intimate live music that compliments you as a couple. I can even create an instrumental arrangement of your favorite song just for your wedding.

Let's get the party started during the cocktail hour. Your guests will be dancing and talking about your wedding weeks after it is over with my energetic fingerstyle playing.

Let's create a vice during dinner that makes the food twice as good. I have spend 40 to 60 hours arranging and practicing every new song so that it is put to my standards for your wedding.



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Christopher Nicklin

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Playing your Life's Sound Track